Sunday, October 16, 2011

CTMH- Sympathy card using Dreamin' and Card Chatter

Of all the cards that I've made, this is my first Sympathy one.  Being Catholic, I typically send a Mass card.  However, this person is very special to me.  Dee is the owner of a local scrapbook store (lss), where she has helped my creativity flourish.  She gave me the confidence to believe that I had (some!) artist talent. Dee's ideas, lessons, and tips have truly inspired me.  They helped me venture out here into the consultant world.  For all of that, plus being a good friend, I offer my condolences to Dee and her family as the mourn the loss of Saul, Dee's father.   As you can see, a purchased would never help me express all the things that Dee is to me. 

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