Monday, May 28, 2018

CTMH Fresh Air LO

Hi and Happy Memorial Day weekend!

I just love CTMH's new line called 'Fresh Air'.  Living in New England, this line will come in handy, whether it be travelling to New Hampshire, Vermont or Maine.

Using the Fresh Air Workshop Your Way (WYW) and some cardstock, I was able to create 6 scrapbook Layouts (LO's) and 6 cards and I still have paper and embellishments left!

Below is a look at the 6 scrapbook LO's.

Taking a closer look at the first LO, I cut out the circled arrow using CTMH's Artistry Cricut Cartridge. And, continued the arrowed theme by cutting 2 more arrow shapes in a Glacier (Light Blue).

I used the NE Ivy Green ribbon to embellish the photomats.  I taped the ribbon to the back of mat, so this makes it easy to slip the pictures in.  I also added some Gold Foil strips.  If you haven't used CTMH's Gold and Silver Foil paper, then you are missing out!

For the second LO, my inspirations was a LO created by Dana Kessler years ago. Again, I used the CTMH Artisry Cricut cartridge. This time I cut out a shield and then using the CTMH "You Are Here" Cricut Cartridge, I cut out the title-- Wild at Heart.  Then I embellished it with the stickers and copper foil pieces.

You many also notice some paint splatters.  I did that first and then stamped some thread pieces.  The thread stamp was not CTMH, but I could have used CTMH's Ink Blot.  Sometimes I like to fill in the blank space.

For the 3rd LO, I did a more traditional LO and layered the paper on top of each other.  I also cut out some wood pieces and used the Compliments/Stickers for the titles.  I then doodles on some of the photomats.

Here's a closer look at the side title.

Well, I can't wait to go out the Fresh Air, take pics, and then tape them down.  This is a great line from CTMH!

On the kit tab of my blog, you can order this line pre-cut or just buy the cutting guide.  Either way, get scrapping!

Thanks, Maureen
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