Monday, January 30, 2012

CTMH-- Layout using 'Super Heros' Paper, Stamps and Rub-ons

When I think of Superman, I think of boys and capes.  Well a trip to "Dick's Last Resort" changed that!!

During Christmas vacation, I took my daughter and her 5 friends to Frog Pond in Boston to ice skate and then to Faneuil Hall for dinner.  I had never been to Dick's, so the girls explained that the wait staff is rude, yell and throw food at you.  Plus, the staff make these hats with embarrassing sayings.  So.... I'm like, "And, I'm paying for this-- why??"  It would be cheaper if we just go home, eat at my house, get paper b-day hats & write on them with a sharpie, and I'll yell at you all night!!  I'm only kidding:)

The waiter was rude, but didn't make us hats and was late with the drinks, etc.  Of course, I had to say something-- after all we wanted those hats!  Because I stood up and demanded the hats, the waiter correctly called me 'High Maintenance' and wrote it on my hat.  I was okay with that b/c most moms will do what ever it takes for their kids to be happy-- including going to a crazy restaurant!

All the supplies used were from CTMH new 'Super Hero' line.  I used the Paper Pack, Rub-ons, Badge Buttons, and Stamp.  CTMH now carries baker's twine-- yippie!!  Also, check out the hidden message. 

If there is enough interest, I may teach this class. 
Thanks, Maureen

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

CTMH-- Layout using new line 'Stella'

As mentioned below, the new CTMH catalog is available on Wednesday, Feb 1st, and is loaded with new product and ideas.  Even the cover of the catalog itself inspired me! I simply had to recreate it to record my daughter's (Shaelin) first smile with no braces.  She had braces for 3 years and didn't like smiling much. One day my youngest found an old picture of Shaelin smiling.  She came running up to me and said "look, here is a picture of when Shaelin knew how (and liked) to smile!!". 

Needless to say, getting her braces off was a big deal!!  To create the lay-out, I used the Stella Paper Pack and Canvas Shapes.  The 'Just for You' stamp is a must at only $9.95.  The shapes can be cut using the CTMH Art Philosophy Cartridge.  See photos below for other new items.

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CTMH New Catalog!!

The new Spring/Summer catalog will be available on February 1st. If you would like a catalog, then please email/call me. The catalogs are $5.00, which includes S/H. If you place an order of $25.00 or more, then the catalog is free.

The catalog is full of wonderful new products and ideas. Love it:)
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Monday, January 16, 2012

CTMH-- New Victory Paper Line and Jan SOTM

Wow, I'm on a roll. Two cards yesterday and one today!!!  What's gotten into me?  Well, I took some time off of work.  I spent the first 4 weeks spending time with my family and celebrating the holidays.  Now I just I'm looking for a different job and in between I'll be doing more paper crafting:)

Here's a card using today's Mojo Monday sketch #224.  CTMH has a new catalog coming out on Feb 2012.  The 'Victory' paper line and 'Square Durable Studs' are two new items.  In keeping with my new Cricut AP tradition, I cut the circle for the 'Little Remember' SOTM.  I stamped a 73 on it because it's my father's birthday in March.  He's had a tough year and doing much better.  Lastly, check out the canvas button.  CTMH introduced these in the Fall/Winter catalog.  You can stamp right on them-- how fun is that!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

CTMH-- Valentine's Card using Roxie Paper, Dec SOTM, and CTMH Cricut AP

Wow, it's hard to believe that it is almost February-- well sort of:) 

Here in Massachusetts, we haven't had a major snow storm yet-- well, there was a freak storm in October.  So, it sort of feels like January is gone and we are into February with the winter almost behind us. I know it's wishful thinking, but you never know!

In order to celebrate Valentine's Day, below is a card that we'll be doing at our workshop on Sunday, 1/22/12 at 11 am.  To design the card, I used a 'Mojo Monday' sketch # 223.  The Roxie paper line is perfect for Valentine's Day.  The Stamp 'Mad about You' was the Dec Stamp of the Month (SOTM).  It contained 4 images that could be cut using the CTMH AP Cricut Cartridge.  Although December is gone, this stamp is still available.  Need it-- call me:)

Join us if you can on Sunday, 1/22/12 @ 11am.

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CTMH-- Hooray Bouquet & AP Cricut Cartridge

Hello, as you know CTMH introduced their first Cricut Cartridge in July 2011-- Art Philosophy (AP).  To take advantage of the Cricut cuts, CTMH developed stamps that fit the images.  So, you can cut a shape using the AP cartridge and then stamp right over it.  This means no scissors, yippee!!  Now maybe I won't start out a project with 3 scissors and end up not finding them when I need them!

In the catalog, any image that can be cut using the Cricut is outlined in red.  The stamp set indicates very simply what size to cut.  For instance, in the flower below the bottom flower was cut at 2.75 in., the middle at 2.0 in., and the small one at 1.25 in.  This is so easy-- even I could and did do it!!

The stamp set used was 'Hooray Bouquet'.  It was introduced in the Fall/Winter catalog and has been carried over to the Spring and Summer catalog. 

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Friday, January 13, 2012

CTMH Elemental and Love Life

Hi, here's a layout documenting a 'Crazy Cousins' get together!! Three of the cousins are were born within months of each other.  This creates a lot of chaos and fun when together:)

To create the layout I used the CTMH Elemental Paper Pack, Dimensional Chipboard Shapes, and Decor Journalling Spots.  The Life Life Stamp set was also used.  This stamp is extremely versatile and can be used for both layouts and cards. 

Elemental paper pack, X7141B
Elemental Dimensional Shapes, X7141C
Live Life Stamp Set, D1482
Decor Journalling Spots, Z1461
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Monday, January 2, 2012

CTMH Interactive Layout using Lucky, Flip/Flaps and Jeannette Lynton's Magic book

As you know, there are often 100's of pictures to sort through to figure out which ones to scrap.  But sometimes you want to capture all or most of them.  This is where CTMH's Flip/Flaps come into play.  With Flip/Flaps, you can add several 4X6 pictures right on top of each other and still protect them.  CTMH also has a 6x12 size which came in handy as I made a special envelope holding my daughter's letters from camp.

To make the envelope, I used CTMH's founder, Jeanette Lynton's book "Magic".  Magic contains a CD containing various sized templates.  The book is also loaded with layout and interactive ideas. 

Using all of these techniques, here are 3 layouts of my daughter's special camp excursion.  If you love the paper (Lucky), you have until the end of January to order.  The title was stamped using the CTMH "Rustic Alphabet".  Thanks for looking:)  Maureen

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blogging-- why do we do this?

I was watching the movie "Julie and Julia (Childs)" the other day.  In the movie, Julie blogs for a whole year while preparing over 500 recipes from the  Julia Childs' cookbook.  At the beginning, Julie gets frustrated because she's blogging away and gets no responses.  She keeps asking herself-- why am I doing this?  Is anyone really reading/listening?  But, she realizes that it doesn't matter what people think because she is cooking and blogging because she likes it, even more than her real job. 

That part of the movie really resonated with me.  I have days where I ask myself the same questions-- why am I doing this?  Does anyone care?  Am I crazy? (kidding:)  The answer is that I enjoy all things paper-- card making and scrap-booking. I like showing people how to create things.  It simply makes me happy.

So, if you are out there reading-- all 22 followers-- keep blogging and happy new year!!  Thanks, Maureen
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