Sunday, June 17, 2012

CTMH-- Super Powers Card; Father's Day

Hi, what a wonderful day-- sunny, low 70's and a Father's Day cookout.  Who could ask for more!!!  Well, maybe the mothers that did all the work!!

To help celebrate Father's Day, I made this card for my husband.  He's a kid at heart and does seem to have super powers at times.  He may not be able to leap tall buildings, but check out the pictures below.  Can he eat a whole cake in one bite?!?! 

CTMH has a great line called "Super Hero's".  The line has coordinating paper, metal badges, rub-ons and Super Hero's stamp set.  Again, all the colors go together, so you can look like a genius by putting the papers together, so easy.

I couldn't stop at the Super Hero's card, so I had to get my husband a Super Man apron for grilling.  I did the grilling today, but made him put it on afterwards. After all, I need some good pictures to scrapbook:) 

Both of our fathers joined in the celebration today.  Hope you all had a wonderful day:)  And, Happy Father's Day to all!


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Anonymous said...

Had such a fun day! I have to give you credit mom you are pretty creative and I really like the cards.

Maureen said...

Thank you Shaelin. See hard work does not go un-noticed. To become good at something requires practice. So, next time I have to scrapbook, no jokes:) Only kidding. Love you, Mom

Heather Stewart said...

Hi Maureen...Fellow consultant now following you here. You have a terrific blog, and I always have admired your work! I love your superhero cards here, matches the apron so well! :) Would love you to check out (follow)my blog ( not so good at this)


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