Saturday, April 4, 2015

Scrapbook Bloopers & Other Mishaps-- Jackson CTMH paper line

Hello, I'm here to share a recent scrapbook blooper and mishap.  What is this you may ask??  Well its scrapping an event and things just get mixed up, a bit.

I recently attended a scrapbook retreat.  When I get home my daughters always look through my completed pages.  I was very proud of the 2-page LO below because it documented my youngest daughter's week long stay at Camp Favorite on the Cape.  Plus, I used CTMH's recently debuted paper line-- Jackson.

Last fall, I went through these pics, along with other camp pics, with my daughter.  I learned that Camp Favorite was not her favorite.  Her favorite GS camp was Camp Wind in the Pines.  We separated the camp pics-- or so I thought!

Below is a LO showing a daily tradition of lowering the flag and folding it.  I remember Abby telling me that she liked the raising and lowering of the flag activities.   Nice LO-- I like it.  Pic showing the flag in evening sky.  The pics of flag coming down and girls folding it.  I also added some journaling, arrows and washi.  Perfect.

Well, apparently the flag is being risen!!  I'm like Abby are you sure??  It's pretty dark.  She's like 'yes it was rainy that morning'.  I'm like what about the girl with the wet hair?  It looks like she was just swimming?  Abby said no, that is so and so and she took a shower in the morning.

 Looks pretty dark to me!  Sure it's morning???  Yes, it's morning mom.
Girl Scouts taking down or putting up flag??   Mom, they are putting up the flag!!

Okay, we have options here: 

1.  I can leave the history as written, after all, this happens all the time-- right!?

2.  I can use un-do and re-arrange pics. 

3.  Or, I can put a note in there saying-- sorry, mom messed up, follow arrows backwards. 

I'll go with #3!!! 

Okay, it doesn't stop there.  I had so many pictures that I used CTMH's 'Picture My Life' cards (Project Life).  Continuing on with Camp Favorite (not her favorite camp), I did this page:

I just love these little journal cards!  The cards are the same colors as the paper pack, but have different designs.

Okay:  problem with this page-- the sky scenes are from Wind in the Pines, not Camp Favorite!!

Fix:  rename this page-- Misc Camp Pics from 2013.  That will work:)
Here's another 'Picture My Life' page. 

I'm happy to report that I got this one right!  I guess 1 out of 4 isn't so bad! 

Yay me!

The point of sharing these bloopers with you is that they can be easily fixed.  And they demonstrate that we are not perfect.  I tried to do everything right-- I sat with my daughter and separated the pictures, but I messed up. 

Even if keep the LO as is and put a cute note in there telling my daughter of the mistake, she will laugh and smile because she knows me--  she knows I tried to capture these memories for her (however foggy my mind is at times!).

Thanks for stopping by, Maureen

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nkisiel said...

This is definitely how I would scrapbook. All the events in my album would be messed up. Think I'll stick with card making and Art journaling.

Maureen said...

Nancy-- I totally understand! I'm usually the one taking the pictures, but when I'm not I have to rely on my kids and my memory of what they told me (or didn't tell me!). I'm leaving everything as is with a little note:) Thanks, Maureen

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