Sunday, May 27, 2012

American Crafts (AC)-- Passport Layout

Hi, I know it's been a while:)  I started a new job in early May and it's taken some time to ramp up.  I was so missing my craft time!

Anyhow, on a quest to use up my expansive, ever-growing scrapbook paper collection, I chose AC's Passport line to capture my daughter's trip into Boston.  If you are from the area, you know the "Red Line" quite well.  It's the central line of Boston's MBTA. 

My daughter was too young to venture into Boston herself, so I was the chaperon.  The trip reminded me of the many times my friends and I would ride the Red Line.  What I remember the most is singing on the train with my friends.  Yes, SINGING!! No matter how crowded or what time of day, we would burst into song!  One of our favorite songs was Stacey Lattisaw's  "I Found Love on a Two Way Street"... and lost on a lonely highway! 

Now each day, I ride the Red Line into work as an adult.  I have yet to see a young group of girls burst into song.  I'm still waiting... maybe my friends and I have to take a ride again:) 

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Maureen said...

One of my friends commented verbally. She wants to take the train ride again as adults and sing. Should be fun!

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