Monday, May 28, 2012

CTMH-- Princess Wings Stamp Set; Keep Calm Version

Happy Memorial Day! 

A few years back when things got tough at work, we had this saying-- 'Keep Calm and Carry On!'. One of my colleagues, Thankum, was from India.  So when Thankum said it, it sounded so powerful and yet so cool at the same time.  Through Thankum we learned that the saying originated from England during WWII.  It was meant to motivate the English civilians to go about their daily routine while the war and bombing dragged on.

The 'Keep Calm and Carry On' mantra is so popular today.  On pinterest, there are sayings like:  'Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate' to 'Keep Calm and Stamp On' to 'Keep Calm it's Summer!' 

Well, here is my version of 'Keep Calm':  Keep Calm and Fly!  The card is for my daughter, who is graduating from middle school this year.  Like me, my daughter loves these 'Keep Calm' sayings.  She even gave me some 'Keep Calm and Carry On' band-aids!

Using the Princess Wings stamp set, I created a second card for my niece's birthday.  Since my niece is constantly dressing up as a princess, I decided that a princess card was a must.

All the products used below are CTMH.  The Paper line is Lucy.  The inks:  Cotton Candy, Blush, Creme Brulee, and Grey Wool.  The stamps: Princess Wings, Lucy Kit Stamp, and Diverse Backgrounds.  CTMH also offers an array of alphabet stamps.  These can be used to make individual sayings-- like   Keep Calm and Fly!  (Go out there and take on the next challenge!)

Thanks, Maureen:)

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