Saturday, November 3, 2012

CTMH-- Pemberley Layouts: Jr. High School Graduation & Inspirational Teacher

Hello, we made it through Hurricane safe and sound.  Not too bad in the Boston area.  Looks like New Jersey and New York got the brunt of the storm.  Hope everyone is doing well.

Below is the last of my daughter's graduation layouts.  The first page shows Shaelin and her best friend with their favorite teacher.  Mr. Condon made such a positive difference in my daughter's life.  His 7th and 8th grade English classes inspired my daughter to read and actually enjoy it!  Before she only read when she was forced to.  Something happened in this class and she saw the value and enjoyment that reading can bring.  She then went on to read all the Harry Potter's books and many other book sets.

Her writing also greatly improved.  The poem she wrote (in first LO) was published in the newsletter.  I am so proud of my daughter's accomplishments and I am very thankful for the great teachers she had throughout the years.  And, special thanks to Mr. Condon.

Thanks, Maureen:)
P.S. First page was inspired by page 24 of the Spring/Summer 2012 Catalog.

CTMH Supplies
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Stamps:  Love Clusters (C1484); Blue Ribbon (C1464); and Princess Wings (C1502)
Other:  Blue Designer Ribbon (Z1385); Outdoor Blue Alchol Marker (X2421)
Paper: Pemberley Paper Pack (X7148B)
Cricut:  CTMH Artiste (Z1790)-- envelope; CTMH Art Philosophy (Z1686)-- butterflies & flowers
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