Sunday, July 7, 2013

CTMH-- Bright Sunshiny Day with Tommy Paper Pack

Hello,  I'm back from vacation.  My girls and I spent 5 days at Cape Cod with my parents, sisters, nieces and nephews!  We were lucky to rent my friend's cottage in Dennis.  On most days, we all walked down to the local beach and enjoyed the waves, boogie boards, and the nice breeze.

The  'Bright Sunshiny Day' stamp (D1538) reminds me of all things beach-- shore, sand, and most of all family time.  Growing up, I lived within views of Wollaston Beach in Quincy.  We spent many summer days at Wollaston Beach.  I remember looking out at the Atlantic Ocean trying to find a glimpse of my parents' homeland, Ireland.  Little did I know that Ireland was some 2,800 miles away!


Pictured above are the inks used-- Sunflower, Sunny Yellow, Ruby, Dessert Sand, and Outdoor Denim.  (I used White Daisy on another card).

To color the scene, I used CTMH's Blending Pen (3174)-- it is like painting, but much easier:)  For the Sand, I used a product called 'Mud Puddles'--Malibu.  You just spread out the glue covered sand.  Please note, that you can create this effect with regular sand and glue.  It is a little messier, but it works!

Well, I hope that you can enjoy the shore this summer-- whether it be the ocean, lake front, river or pond.  Go create some memories! 

Thanks for stopping by, Maureen
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Casandra Bennett said...

Cute card, Maureen. Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. :)

Maureen said...

Thank you Cassandra!

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