Sunday, February 16, 2014

Camp LO with OA Campfire and Bo Bunny

Hello, it's been snowing a lot here in Boston!  We just got another 8 inches last night.  Have to head out soon and start digging out:(

Onto more fun, exciting things... here is a LO that I did back in November at my weekend away.  It wasn't quite 100% done, 99.8% done.  I had some Maya Road pennants and I thought 'let's make a little Girl Scouts (GS) flag'.  I finally was able to do this last night. The snow is a good excuse to chill out in my craft room!

To make the tent, I simply cut out a large triangle.  Then I made a cut in center from the bottom to ~ half way up.  Next, I folded back the opening and backed the tent in another color. 

Well, that's it for now. My husband is starting to shovel and I must join him:(   Come on spring! Thanks for stopping by, Maureen:)
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