Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blogging-- why do we do this?

I was watching the movie "Julie and Julia (Childs)" the other day.  In the movie, Julie blogs for a whole year while preparing over 500 recipes from the  Julia Childs' cookbook.  At the beginning, Julie gets frustrated because she's blogging away and gets no responses.  She keeps asking herself-- why am I doing this?  Is anyone really reading/listening?  But, she realizes that it doesn't matter what people think because she is cooking and blogging because she likes it, even more than her real job. 

That part of the movie really resonated with me.  I have days where I ask myself the same questions-- why am I doing this?  Does anyone care?  Am I crazy? (kidding:)  The answer is that I enjoy all things paper-- card making and scrap-booking. I like showing people how to create things.  It simply makes me happy.

So, if you are out there reading-- all 22 followers-- keep blogging and happy new year!!  Thanks, Maureen
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Paige Dolecki said...

Maureen -

That is all 23 people following! You have a great little place here and beautiful artwork!



Maureen said...

Thanks Paige! Looks like I'm up to 24! maureen

Maureen said...

your artwork is nice i have to admit i like the cards better than the scrapbooking page. but over all good job! NOW COULD YOU PLEASE COME LOOK AT JUPITER WITH ME?

Maureen said...

that was from shaelin(:
i foregot to sign my name! on the one above

Kathy said...

Love your blog...I'm a follower now! I think that I make 28! This post caught my eye because I am a new blogger, and I find myself sometimes wondering if anyone is reading what I post. You are right though, I'm doing it for myself, that's what is most important. I'd love to have you visit and let me know what you think.

Maureen said...

Kathy, thanks so much! I know it's crazy you sometimes feel like you are talking to yourself. But you are proof that some people are listening!

I did check out your blog and love it. I tried to sign up to follow, but didn't see a button. I'll check again later today. Thanks, Maureen

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