Monday, January 2, 2012

CTMH Interactive Layout using Lucky, Flip/Flaps and Jeannette Lynton's Magic book

As you know, there are often 100's of pictures to sort through to figure out which ones to scrap.  But sometimes you want to capture all or most of them.  This is where CTMH's Flip/Flaps come into play.  With Flip/Flaps, you can add several 4X6 pictures right on top of each other and still protect them.  CTMH also has a 6x12 size which came in handy as I made a special envelope holding my daughter's letters from camp.

To make the envelope, I used CTMH's founder, Jeanette Lynton's book "Magic".  Magic contains a CD containing various sized templates.  The book is also loaded with layout and interactive ideas. 

Using all of these techniques, here are 3 layouts of my daughter's special camp excursion.  If you love the paper (Lucky), you have until the end of January to order.  The title was stamped using the CTMH "Rustic Alphabet".  Thanks for looking:)  Maureen

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