Monday, August 13, 2012

CTMH-- Artiste Creation using Perfect Day stamp

Hi, I've been a scrap-booker for 10+ years.  My husband thought it would be a good idea to make cards, so he signed me up for card classes as a gift.  I told him-- NO, NO, I already have paper issues!!  He said, just go, what can possibly happen?  Well, some 4 years later, I have a blog, sell CTMH products and hold card classes at my house!  A lot has changed!

During my transition from scrap-booking to cards, I was always fascinated by the cute things crafters would create.  Sometimes they would use special dies or even worst trace items by hand and cut them out.  The Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge changed this and the new one, Artiste, has even more 3-d objects, cards, tags, envelopes and shapes.  In addition to cutting out the objects, the Artiste cuts small score lines that make folding simple.

Below is what I was able to create with the new CTMH Artiste cartridge.  I just put in craft paper on my cricut mat and cut a 6 inch bookmark.  Next, I cut the coordinating Footloose cover and band.  I was soooo easy.  Dies can cost $20-$50 each.  The Artiste is a bargain at $99-- 700 images, 3 stamp sets, and 3 sets of dimensional shapes.

Thanks to Artiste, I now look like a professional!  And, if I can look this good, then anyone can b/c it is sooo easy!

Give it try, you won't be disappointed.
Thanks, Maureen:)

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Lady Bug said...

Today's post from you is a wonderful example of quality blogging. You shared yourself, your talent, and you most certainly inspired. Way to go! And great card, too! :-)

Maureen said...

Thank you. I feel that you can only learn if we are all open and able to admit what do and don't know. In a week or two, my next segment will be on confessions of cardmarker-- I can't tie bows!! I'm getting better and will show what tool finally helped me tie bows:)
Thanks again, Maureen

Casandra Bennett said...

I love what you did with this card! I just started looking through the handbook last night and can't believe how many wonderful images we have on the cricut artiste cartridge!

Maureen said...

Casandra, I know there are so many images! We are going to look like pros:)

grammiej said...

Love your projects!! TFS and yes you do create like a PRO!!

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