Friday, September 21, 2012

Basic Grey-- Oxford School Kit

Hello, back again:) 

A month or two ago, I did a 2 page layout using the Basic Grey's Oxford line.  I got the kit from the Crop Shop in Rockland MA.  You know me..  I followed the kit and then started to deviate and added a bunch of CTMH products in, of course.  There is a reason that I don't assemble furniture from IKEA!

Anyway, on the Oxford line, I loved the glasses especially since my youngest daughter had to get her first pair last year.  Last night I was again reminded of my daughter's glasses.  At only 9 years old, guess what she wants...???  Contacts, yes contacts!!  I almost died!  She stated that other kids were already wearing them in 4th grade!   I told her no, not yet because she was still growing and her eyes were still changing, etc. 

Two weeks ago, the hygienist came out to talk to me because my older 14 year old daughter had inquired about getting her teeth whitened.  Thank goodness we were on the same page-- NO, too young!

This brings me back to when I grew up.
  • Braces:  we didn't have invisible ones or ones with lots of cool colors.  Instead, we had huge silver ones that we had to wear for 3-4 years.  And, remember the retainer headband thing!
  • Teeth Whitening:  did it even exist?  What ever color your teeth were, you were stuck with it.
  • Hair:  mine was curly, curly-- untamable.  There were no products back them to straighten your hair, only hair dryers and curling irons.  And, even if products did exist our parents would be like go babysit, make money and buy it yourself!
  • Acne:  God help us if we had a breakout!.  All we could reach for was Clearasil and maybe if we were lucky, it would be the tinted skin color kind!
  • Glasses:   not too much of a selection and I think contacts didn't even exist!
  • Telephones:  we had to call on landlines to make plans.  There were no answering machines, but somehow we all managed to meet up and hang out.
  • Texting:  Closest thing was shorthand.  But, who took that?  Instead, we wrote letters to our pen pals.
You get the point here.  So funny!  If you have any stories to share about this issue, please leave a comment:)
Thanks, Maureen

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Brenda B said...

Maureen, can you believe what our kids are asking for these days? They grow up too fast.

No color TV for my family
No cable either
landline phones were the only phones in my house, and my mom would tell her mom, let it ring twice and then hang up, then call back and I'll know its you. Why? lol

Thanks for the memories, too funny.

Casandra Bennett said...

LOL I had to laugh at your stories. My 4yo wants to wear make-up already. I don't really understand it because I hardly ever wear it. And she seems to think that she is not fully accessorized for a day out unless she has her tiara on.

We had one of those tv consoles in which, if we were lucky, we got 3 whole channels on. Sometimes, this meant someone had to hold the tinfoil rabbit ears so it would be clear (that someone was usually me). We finally got cable when I was in the 6th grade, and then we had like 25 channels. We had to talk on corded phones until I was probably high school age. Computer entered the home for business when I was in the 11th grade, and internet wasn't a word I knew until probably 1999. LOL Oh gosh, that was fun! Love your layout. Super cute, and your baby girl is just precious the way she is, beautiful glasses and all. :)

Carol Labuski said...

Yep, it's a different world today thanks to all that technology. It has it's good points but it's drawbacks as well. Glad I'm not raising children anymore! LOL...anyway, somehow I missed your post on my blog awhile back and wanted to touch base with you to say thanks for enjoying it! I am now a follower of you and will check back regularly to admire YOUR beautiful artwork! ;-)

Karen Clark said...

I will have to say that I did get contacts in 8th grade which would have been 1974 (and my mom had worn them for years and years before that), but they were the glass ones and I HATED them!! I still wear glasses. ;)

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