Sunday, September 9, 2012

CTMH-- Scholastic (WOTG) Cards-- Gift for Teachers


My daughters just finished their first week of school.  We had one last trip to Staples last night, but think that will be the last one for a while-- at least!

The last couple of years, I try to make a little gift for my daughter's teachers.  In years past, we could actually give gift cards, money, and class gifts.  However, that has all changed-- no more gifts of that kind are allowed. 

So, I started making gifts.  (Don't tell the school, but this is harder than giving monetary gifts!!)  Anyway, below is the set I made for my youngest daughter's 4th grade teacher.

All of the supplies are CTMH, with the exception of the red apples, which were cut using the Plantin Schoolbook Cricut Cartridge. The stamps are from CTMH's Scholastic WOTG kit.  The stamps have that 1960's feel when we used to read "Dick and Jane".  However, other stamps in the set are quite modern.

The French Fry box was cut using CTMH's Art Philosophy's cartridge.  For the French Fry Box, the size is 11.5 inches.  Both of CTMH's 3D objects cut small score lines which make the assembly even something I can handle!  The small 'Library Card Holder' was cut using CTMH's other cartridge-- Artiste!  I am loving both cartridges.  The list of the other CTMH supplies are listed after the pictures.

Have a happy September, Maureen:)

CTMH Supplies:
Inks: Black (z2105), Outdoor Demin (z2410), Ruby (z2470), and Desert Sand (z2118)

Paper:  Scholastic Paper Pack (Part of Kit G1049)

Other:  Harvest Twine (z1751), Square Durables (z1705)

Cricut:  Art Philosophy (z1686) and Artise (z1790)

Stamps: Scholastic WOTG (G1049), Blue Ribbon (C1464), and Art Philosophy's Frames, Tags and Borders
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Casandra Bennett said...

Cute collection!

Adeline E. Brill said...

Love your project! How sad to ban gift cards etc. which forces the teachers to use their own money :( sorry - the retired teacher in me is sad for your daughters' teachers...

Maureen said...

Thanks Casandra and Adeline. Adeline-- it is sad to me too that we can no longer give teachers monetary gifts. We at least should be able to gift cards to school supplies stores:( Thanks again, Maureen

Krista Ritskes said...

Aw, so sweet! This former teacher is sad for your daughter's teachers, too. That means more knick knacks, #1 teacher mugs, and bath stuff. All the things teachers get too much of. Glad to see you're doing something different. ;)

Haley D. said...

These are really cute!

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